Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Animal School
Since I can't expect anyone to read this without being compelled (please read it!!), if you've ever had any doubts about the public education system this illustrates exactly what you might want to think about - if (or when) you have kids.
This came up in a conversation with some friends of ours, one of whom had been in the education program at the U of L, while there he learned it was the position of the department that private and home schooling should be outlawed and that the purpose of public education was to protect kids from the ignorance (ie: religion) of their parents.


jay said...

yeah read it before i don't like public school either for those exact reasons. as long as private schooling is well peppered with good social interaction i think it is better. remember too that everything that is out side of your family revolves around money so while they may say that they are protecting lids from ignorance what they are really saying is give us money.

jay said...

kids i mean.
protecting kids.
or kids lids.....