Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dagga filled me in on the premise of The Da Vinci Code last june, some of it's nuances caught my attention.
i recently found an unabridged copy of it in the public library on cd.
i've been meaning to write about this for a week or 2, it still seems timely enough now.
i assume that everyone has already read it and i am the last one, so be warned:
it was a mediocre mystery or thriller or "who-done-it" or whatever you want to call it, and fairly predictable too. (i still don't get the connection between the protectors of the grail and sex rites in secret societies.)
the interesting things about this book are in the details:
Christ was married and had children
the holy grail were his wife and offspring
the new testament is a collection of accounts - innumerable are missing
so, with the characters offering some convincing additional support it can be pretty convincing- sure it's fiction (inspired by what i've heard called "pseudo-science") but, the book doesn't once say that Christ was not the son of God, or that he wasn't resurrected.
i'm happy to see these ideas brought to the mainstream, true or not.
besides, it's not hard for me to believe that Audrey Tautou is a direct descendant of Deity.


Dagga said...

the owners of the movie theatres in the Faroe islands refuse to show the movie, they think the ideas are blasphemous.

phyllis sweetwater said...

there is an interesting debate on cd that i have called lds perspectives on the code. it tears apart some of the research the author did, but it never says members shouldnt read it or shun it as blasphemous. if jesus did heve offspring i really doubt he would have wanted their names published in the bible for the world to worship or sacrifice or ridicule or whatever else the world would have done to them.

elisabeth said...

aah audrey tautou. she's so cute.

jay said...

if i was french, younger and lived in the place she lived in and had a time machine i would go find her and try to be her best friend.