Saturday, May 20, 2006

I've been irritated by the false information being spread by the media (2 instances on cbc) in relation to The Da Vinci Code. In an interview on The Current (scroll to part 3, "Shadow People") someone described as an "expert on secret societies" purported that in the book Christ hadn't died and had children with Mary Magdalene. This is not the case - in The Da Vinci Code after His crucifixion Mary and His daughter Sarah are taken to France.
I expect someone who is commenting on the book to have (at the least) read it; conjecture doesn't count.
He may have been an expert on secret societies, but it was hard for me to really believe anything else he said fully when he opened with something that I knew was untrue.

In addition, the cbc article on Opus Dei claims that: "Brown's novel paints the real-life religious organization as a sinister Catholic cult, embodied by the book's villain, Silas. Brown depicted Opus Dei as a secretive, powerful and murderous sect, whose members whip themselves bloody. Members of Opus Dei say their portrayal in the book is a mistaken and exaggerated caricature."
This is at best a half truth. In the book, Silas is working under the direction not of Opus Dei but of The Teacher who has made an arrangement with
Bishop Aringarosa. As well, The Teacher had promised him that there would be no killing. Silas isn't the villan of the book either - he's a pawn of The Teacher.
But, this would require actually reading the book.


elisabeth said...

i think that the media, even one somewhat reliable like the cbc, prefer to have guests on that will feed the controversy, not settle it.
and yeah, it's dumb when people freak out before they have heard the whole story. And the book is FICTION, which means NOT TRUE.
i listened to parts of the audio book and although i avoided it for a long time because of the hype, i can admit now that it's a good story. but that's all it is; a story.

aisy said...

but didn't you find the writing a bit weak? it was a page turner though.

Dagga said...

Most people who read alot and I´ve talked to found the actual writing lacking in something. But most of them thought the ideas were good enough to ignore the writing style.
I can understand that I have read fabulous books written by mediocre writers simply because they have astounding ideas and insight into human nature.

Rus said...

like i said before - it was mediocre. good ideas, poor execution.

maybe jay said...

i think i care less about what people are saying about it. i think getting riled up enough about a book and having to talk about it on a semi reputable station like cbc is a less than needful thing. like sportscasters asking players what they had to do to come out with a 2-1 victory. ultimately, it doesn't matter. interesting book though i don't see what is so beeg deel eanh?

elisabeth said...

i love the response to the 2-1 victory. "we just gave it a hunerd and ten percent"

controversy is fun though

phyllis sweetwater said...

i would like to think that even though brown isnt a good writer and the code is fiction that maybe christ really did get married. he was perfect wasnt he?

Rus said...

I suspect He was married and had children. I think that many of the ideas that inspired Brown have some truth in them (many being from the book "Holy Grail, Holy Blood").

Dagga said...

I´ve always felt bad about how alone He was, so I hope he actually had some happieness and a wife and children. After all although being the son of God, He was human.