Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More about one of my favorite causes.

Unrelated, but interesting.


elisabeth said...

it's hard to convince people that life shouldn't be about working lots so that you can buy more stuff. i'm glad we can see the value of working less.

Dagga said...

yes I like your ideas on working and spending time with your family, more people should think like that. Some of those people in that article are positivly delusional when it comes to their importance in the workplace.

jay said...

i am not working today. i wouldn't call it a holiday but it is time off. i am working on my house. i am self employed and i have had more holiday since i started that than with any employer before. that article leaned toward self employers not taking holiday, but in all forms of employment it is what you make of it. if you are a valuable employe you can afford to take off and they will be glad to have you back. are these that aren't taking holidays educated that way or is it their choice? i think this could go back to the education system itself. our kids are encouraged to do whatever they can to get ahead, and that can carry into adult life. when you do more you get more, monetarily and temporally. we are not taught to, hike, explore, things that expand our spirituality if you want to call it that. it's all about what salary you will make out of university, and not about what you will DO with your life. i CHOOSE to work a little less and take a little less money home so that i can have some really good holidays.