Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I watched the Nature of Things ("The Accidental Revolution") on Sunday. When the Soviet Union collapsed Cuba was in a bit of a fix, they had been relying on aid from them for decades. They implemented things like organic farms in the cities, using garlic, marigolds, ladybugs (etc.) for pest control. They now use 1 calory of nonrenewable energy to produce 12 (it's the other way around in Canada & most of the "developed" world. They starting using legumes and trees to supplement the protein the dairy cattle's diet & doubled milk production. And even as poor as they are, they send doctors & scientists to 3rd world countries. Way to go, Cuba!
Sure, Cuba has it's problems, all countries do.

I've come to the conclusion that blogs are dumb. So, this will probably be my last post ever. Yay!
I'm gonna go read a book.

But, as Morrissey once sang:
"this is the last song will ever sing"
the audience cheers
then, "no, I've changed my mind again, good night and thank-you"
and a collective sigh of disappointment follows...


Dagga said...

good work cuba,
you just figuring out the dumb part now ..snickers.. that´s why we do it.

elisabeth said...

i think it's cool that this came out of being forced to be innovative