Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm curious if anyone has any common household item solutions for uses that we usually buy a specific (and usually brand name) product for:
I was recently introduced to vinegar as a deodorant - it works great.
And vinegar or baking soda are all i ever use to clean with, too.
and they're fun to use together too!
so, anyone?


jay said...

is this your next last post? so do they have vinegar in a roll on tube? i'm curious how it is applied. in this day of convenice i am more and more dismayed that"if you drop one of these chemical laden tablets in your toilet you won't have to clean it" or "if you've poured a whole bunch of stuff down the drain that should go in the garbage just pour this extremely corrosive chemical down the drain" or why get down on your knees and use elbow grease when you can use this flimsy mop thingy with throw away pads. man is it just me or are people lazy. when i was growing up we had vinegar, bleach and dishsoap. we washed everything with our hands.

elisabeth said...

lazy, yes. but the funny thing is that all these gadgets and things that are supposed to save time and make things easier cost way more money. this makes people have to work more so that they can buy these things which make people have less time on their hands which makes them need to buy more things that will save them time which makes them need more money which makes them have to work more...yeah, it's a vicious circle.

jay said...