Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm hating the new ad campaign for Brita. The tv commercial where a woman flushes the toilet then drinks a glass of water, and the narrator asks how you feel about drinking the same water you flush your toilet with. Yesterday I saw their ad in a shopping cart where a woman has an old dirty mop for hair, and the obvious insinuation.
I hope someone litigates for the misrepresentation.

The question we should really be asking here is why are we using drinkable water for flushing our toilets and mopping our floors. Several towns around here, not here sadly, have irrigation water piped to each household (for watering gardens and lawns).

Super Screw You Brita!


phyllis sweetwater said...

my mother works for epcor and she found it insulting that they were insinuating that epcor water wasnt good enough to drink. we spent a while trying to figure out a commercial where a person feels totally comfortable drinking toilet water because it came from Epcor.

elisabeth said...

i'm always dumbed out when i hear my neighbour washing his big huge truck EVERY SINGLE DAY. with completely safe drinking water of course.

jay said...

water water water. the next gold or should i say oil mine. it's about time that they stopped giving out anymore water licences along the bow and oldman water system. i have long been opposed to lawn watering and over flushing and the like. the thing about that commercial that i don't like is that it implies that water from the tap is waste water. giving the impression that you should brita your drinking water and the rest isn't good enough for consumption, so flush away it's useless anyway. i hope all these people who are sucked in by such idiotic brand marketing, namely water(culligan, evian etc) get super sick when they are in a situation where they have to drink tap water and then get super sick and .... stuff because their immune systems are so weak. tap water tap water tap water that's what i always say. so to add my fist in the air with yours.......

eyĆ¼n said...

Filtered water is not needed in most places. If anything, the impurities make us stronger.

As far as comparing it to toilet water. the water going in is just fine. Would they continue to drink from their Brita if I took a dump in it every day?

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