Monday, October 09, 2006

The Joy of Ernie Zelinski

The last few weeks I've been reading quotes from one of Ernie's books to Liz, which inspired her to write her last post.

I'm pretty sure I first heard Ernie on CBC a few years ago (another thing that I have to thank CBC for, but that's another story). I was impressed by what I heard.

I've read several of Ernie's books since then. I started with "The Joy of Not Working", everyone should read that - it should be a textbook. In a good way.

Ernie has a knack for putting things into perspective, I feel like he is showing me how to realize things I already know.

I suspect that nobody that reads this is probably going to get all excited about reading any of these books (maybe he should title his next book: "Da Vinci Potter and the Harry Code").

"Don't Hurry, Be Happy: 650 Smart Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life" won't kill you, it's light and easy. I hope that it'll inspire you to read some more Ernie. (I found 14 copies in The Alberta Library Online), ya lazy bums.

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Anonymous said...

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