Monday, October 16, 2006

Super-Screw You Award!

Feist, riding the money wave of popularity for her album "Let it Die", wins this award for her crappy remix album "Open Season" and the commercial for men's cologne using her song "Mushaboom".
"Let it Die" indeed.


aisy said...

lots of good artists have also sold songs for commercials. they gotta eat too. i mean, ultimately i think most artists make music so lots of people hear it. if they didn't, they would never pursue record contracts etc. i don't see a lot wrong with that...

jay said...

who freaking cares about the music, that window is wicked rad!

Rus said...

good is such a realtive term.

Mostly the "open season" album sucks, the commercial was lame. some commercials are cool, not that one.

i was worried about Feist getting enough to eat, though. I'm glad I understand her motives now.

Well, the window was cool last year, until everyone else started liking it.

elisabeth said...

yeah...right...that window is like, so 2005.