Thursday, July 13, 2006

New series

I just started reading what looks like a wonderful fantasy series. In the first book "His Majesty´s dragon" you get to meet the incredible dragon Temeraire and his accidental handler/friend Will Laurence Captain of his Majesty´s navy. They are the main character and extremely well crafted. You get a good idea of Will´s character as early as page 2 and as soon as Temeraire cracks the shell of his egg soon after you love him. I´m only 1/3 into the book but I could hardly put it down to post this go to the loo and get a drink of water. I have a sinus infection and staying home from work so I have alot of time to read. More later. I think this could be the best book I have read in years.


elisabeth said...

the only fantasy books i have read are "the hobbit" and "the horse and his boy" and that was at least ten years ago.

Dagga said...

you should try one for a change, this one is deeply rooted in historical facts as it takes place during the Napoleon war in Europe. I´m told the author has her facts all right or as close as can be since of course there are dragons involved. I like alternate history in SF and even if it is a bit fantastic. Every aspect of the story is so carefully thought out. The community of Aviators, the vast variety of dragon breeds all over the world. It´s fun if you have read Regency romances to see a regency with a whole dragon/aviator subculture.

phyllis sweetwater said...

liz, how could you read a horse and his boy and not all the other cronicles of narnia. i'm actually reading that book to my kids right (having already read them the first two in the series) Iarnan keeps asking me "is this really made up?" I think they are my favorite fantasy series. It is true i have attepted many others which fall short of the "griping" catagory. If i ever need a good reference to fantasy I'm sure I'll ask you dagga, you are an expert on the subject. this one sounds really good.