Tuesday, January 30, 2007

in the skin

i borrowed a book from elizabeth and i figured i should read it before she gets back. micheal ondaatje is a very poetic writter and i love his use of disconnected details to show you the whole picture. although he did a lot of historic research, which i really appriciate, i was a bit disappointed in the plot. it seemed somhow similar to the english patient (the best part of that book was ralph fiennes) because there was adultry, nudity and a couple of "f "bombs. i also loved how he did everything in present tense and had no cronological order. there were as many flash forwards as there were flash backs. the character developement and poetry are what pulled me through, otherwise i might have quit half way. I am still excited to read his latest "Anil's Ghost" because it takes place in Sri Lanka and we have a foster daughter there.


elisabeth said...

so...should i bother reading it?

phyllis said...

umm... if you liked the english patient. its not on my top ten list, but its got some good imagery. it was on canada reads so its worth it to find out what cbc thinks is cool. yah, i guess.