Saturday, April 21, 2007


I´ve recently come to love the cartoon strip Mutts check out the website.

I first ran into them in an Icelandic newspaper where they appear every weekday. Since then I´ve read several collections of Patrick McDonnell´s work and totally fallen in love. I really love the art and the creators view of his pets lives. As a cat "owner" myself I can understand the tendencies to give your pets human emotions but the Mutts creator does not fall into that temptation a lot instead he points out the simple pleasure in life through the eyes of the Mutts without giving them to much human motivation.
Last Christmas I gave my mother a children´s book about the Mutts called "Just like heaven" I highly recommend it. It´s very simple but has a beautiful message that everyone can benefit from.


phyllis said...

that is really cute. It's nice to see good, clean humour. i especially liked the blue bird of happiness on mar24th.

Dagga said...

yes that one is fun, I also like the sock strips and every joke about their tails.