Tuesday, July 17, 2007

book to movie

I have always loved reading a book and then watching the movie afterwards. It is interesting to see how my imagination and interpretations match up. Right now I'm working on The English Patient. I have never seen the movie and having it sitting on my shelf, waiting, as I'm reading the book, is a great test of self-restraint.

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Marianne Lauritzen (mal@at.dk) said...

I once tried to read the book, but I only got half through it. And I saw the movie afterwards...
The book has many details, which the movie doesn´t have. The enviroment I created in my mind was better than the movie.

PS: Min sommerferie er snart ovre. Vi har haft regn næsten hver dag og under 20 grader celcius. Det er den værste sommer jeg kan huske.ØV