Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I read the second book in a graphic novel series by Michel Rabagliati about a young guy named Paul, living in Quebec in the 70's. (I couldn't find the first one, Paul in the Country, and the third one, Paul Moves Out, is on its way)
Paul's job is as a camp counsellor for underprivileged and dilinquent kids. He starts out being scared of the woods, impatient with kids; pretty much defeated. He ends up falling in love with the kids, learns to rock climb and canoe and generally creates great memories for himself.
This just got me thinking about some of the times that I have felt defeated and overwhelmed (a prime example being when I start a new job). Because I didn't give up, I learned great things, made friends, improved my life. It makes me really regret the times that I have given up and potentially missed out on some amazing experiences.

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