Monday, March 26, 2007

Jon J. Muth

I discovered by accident (just before we left for Mexico) that one of my favorite comic artists, Jon J. Muth, has been writing and/or illustrating children's books for several years. I took all these out of the library yesterday (I particularly like Zen Shorts so far):

Gershon's Monster
The Three Questions
Zen Shorts
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth
Come On, Rain
Stone Soup
Batman's Dark Secret

Muth's medium is watercolour, he also painted Moonshadow and Dracula for Marvel Comics.


phyllis said...

i've read the three questions, its pretty good. I did like the art better than the plot.

Dagga said...

Hi, welcome home. this author looks really interesting I will have to order some of his books. the panda is very beautiful. I really admire good watercolour artists.