Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This is Rus...

The Tapir´s Morning Bath
by Elizabeth Royte

There´s a reservoir in the middle of the Panama Canal, in the lake is Barro Colorado Island. The island has been a nature preserve for almost 100 years, a patch of rainforest surrounded by forest quickly disappearing.

There´s a lab on the island, biologists studying the bats, monkey poo, ants, peccaries, coatimundis and butterfly ears. This is the story of several of the scientists in 2000.

I can sum up why I like this book so much, it reminds me of how it´s good to know how much there is that you don´t know. (I'd never heard of the centurio senex bat, it has a flap of skin under it´s chin that it pulls up to cover it´s face when it sleeps. )

Be sure to check out this link, "The Cartoon From The Canopy" on the left margin is especially cool.

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phyllis said...

that is really cool, the kids enjoyed it.