Monday, October 24, 2005

Mr. Tickle and Mr. Grumpy

Remember those Mr. and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves? I just saw Mr. Grumpy in my son's book order form. I loved those guys! My favorite was Mr. Tickle, but now that I think about it, maybe he was kind of a creep. My nostalgic emotions almost made me buy the Mr. Grumpy book.


dävid said...

yeah, the thought of a man with really long arms who can't control his natural propensity to tickle... might not fly.

reminds me the time when my nieces were calling me "uncle" and then inserted a part of the body behind it... they thought it was so funny.

their names were:
"uncle hair"
"uncle nose"
"uncle legs"
"ungle feet"
my nieces, then 3&5... uttered "uncle hands."
my sister and brother in law were dying in hysterics... and i felt creepy.

notawordistrue said...

Lol Marvelous... kids say kray things. I love it when the kids I nanny tell me things like how much I smell like pooh.

We read those books when I was a kid and Mr.Tickel creaped me out then.

aisy said...

seriously? i loved all those books... i loved how mr. messy looked, and i think i i can relate to little miss bossy and mr. mischief, oh and little miss chatterbox.

whenever i see the books i smile, but i am NOT a fan of the shirts etc. let's keep 'em in paperback please...

oh and uncle hands, keep 'em to yourself. hahahaha