Sunday, October 30, 2005


(re: The Time Traveler' Wife)
Clare has quite the husband. Most couples, upon waking up in the morning, would discuss dreams they just had. Clare and Henry talk about where he went in time during the night. When Henry time travels, he is not able to take anything with him. That includes clothing, jewellery, filliings in his makes for some interesting situations because he has no control over when and where he travels. He finds himself naked, whenever he goes. To survive these sticky situations, he quickly learns the tricks of thievery.

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Anonymous said...

Henry seems to be able to enjoy time with the 17 year old version of his wife as a break from difficulties he is having with the 'real-time' version. I find that, and much else in this book, moving and intriguing. It's also a way of making use of the time in your spouse's life before they met you - since if you are in a "til death do us part" relationship, there will be no time AFTER you have met which will be available...