Monday, April 03, 2006

Vampire fun

For smutty vampire fun read The Vampire´s seduction by Raven Hart. I picked it out randomly from the vampire literature I am ordering for the City Library and was plesantly supprised. Despite the awful cover and the corny goth pen name (Raven Hart has to be made up). The characters where lots of fun and are obviously this writers strong point. I almost put it down after the first few pages then realized that the writer was making fun of the (Anne Rice?) vampire novel with its over descriptive goth prose. A change of perspective soon brings the more down to earth voice of my favorite character, Jack a 150 year old vampire who runs an all night garage and loves cars. Beware, the sex is gory.


elisabeth said...

oooh, sounds saucy.
it really changes your whole perspective doesn't it, when you realize that what you are reading is poking fun at its own kind. sometimes something is so awful that you think it must be a satire but then you find out it's just awful.

Dagga said...

I thought about that but came to the conclution that it had to be intentional

Hugrún said...

Is the sex as gory as in Anne Rices' Vampire chronicles?
If you've read Blackwood Farm you know how gory it can get....yagh..

Hugrún (Daggas' niece)

Dagga said...

I have not read Blackwood Farm but if I had to guess I would say yes as Anne Rices´ vampires can´t have actual sex if I remember correctly.
Take romance novel sex and ad alot of blood and you will get the idea.

elisabeth said...

it sounds beyond saucy now...maybe i will have to pass on this poor innocent mind will explode.

Ryan Remains said...

this doesn't have anything to do with vampires, but i just got this novel called "the book thief" which is told from the point of view of death.

it's very good. there isn't much sex so far, but there is lots of book thievery.