Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, my nonfiction phase is over; didn't last as long as I would have hoped. I thought maybe I would become this incredibly learned individual, but alas, i am an escapist. The only thing that I am more knowledgeable about is gardening. I couldn't read more than a page of The Teacher Man, so I tried another one: Of This Earth by Rudy Wiebe, but only made it a few chapters before calling it quits. The Teacher Man was well written, I suppose, but I just didn't like the author's voice...does that make sense? I didn't like his personality I guess. Of This Earth is a really good book about growing up as a mennonite in the forests of saskatchewan. It was interesting and I know that someday I would like to read it but, like I said, my nonfiction phase appears to be over. So I am reading one the books from my have-always-wanted-to-finish list; The Joy Luck Club and I am genuinely loving it.


Dagga said...

it makes perfect sense Lis

phyllis sweetwater said...

you have to be in the right mood for non-fiction. otherwise it feels like school. i really like book that try to sound like non-fiction because they are more interesting. I am currently reading Kim by rudyard kipling and it "could" have happened so it is beleivable as a memoir.