Monday, January 23, 2006

I´ve been reading some very good things about The Three Incestuous Sisters. Lis have you read it yet? I remember you talking about it some time ago. It´s really interesting to know that it took the author 14 years to finish it. I was reading in Locus that she actually started The Time traveler´s Wife as a way to procrastinate on finishing The Three Incestuous Sisters.


elisabeth said...

no, i haven't read it yet. i haven't actually been able to borrow it in the library system and i'm too cheap to buy it. a lot of libraries have it on order though, so soon i will be able to get it.

i'm looking forward to reading it though. it sounds like it has been her life's work.

Dagga said...

seems to be, I might be going to London at the beginning of March for the London Bookfair for work. I´ve decided if I do, I get to buy it there.

elisabeth said...

well it came in from the library and it is pretty good. a little morbid at times. it only takes about 20 minutes to read. it's the kind of book that would be fun to have around to flip through every now and then.
when the head librarian saw it come in she said "that's quite the title".