Sunday, January 15, 2006


So, I have been "tagged" by Aisy (right of way). I am supposed to share five weird things about myself. I have to say that my first thought was "I hate these things". But then I felt an obligation to follow through with it and then it became a challenge and then I started enjoying it. However, I am going to rebel a little and not tag anyone else.
#1: I can't swim. Well, I can swim in the shallow end of a pool but I have never ventured into the deep end or jumped off a diving board. When I tell people this they are either shocked, amused or disgusted. Where's the sympathy!?
#2: I am a mutant. When I was born, my two smaller toes on my right foot had not yet separated. There was bone, they were just stuck together by the skin. For reactions, see #1, although my husband thinks it's pretty cool. They are separated now.
#3: I'm not a Canadian citizen. I guess that's not really weird but it does set me apart sometimes because I can't vote and do certain other things that require citizenship. I have never wanted to be a politician anyway. I would like to be able to vote but I would have to lose my Danish citizenship for that and that is something that I don't want to give up, because I am able to work anywhere in the EU, if the desire and opportunity to do so should arise.
#4: I can spin wool and weave tapestries. Although I am not very good at it (it has been at least ten years since I have last tried) and I don't have the patience to pursue it, my mother taught me to spin and weave. For some weird stuff on spinning doghair and such, see Ninjutation's post in Popscoff.
#5: I sincerely enjoy living in a small town in southern Alberta. This might not seem weird to those who don't know me well but to those that have known for a long time, they would never have thought this would happen. Although I spent my childhood equally in rural and urban communities, I thought the city was where I belonged. Turned out I just needed to find what I was looking for before leaving for something more peaceful. I didn't know it at the time but what I was looking for was the truth about life. It came to me in the best form possible: a husband in the church, followed by a twin pregnancy.

Ok so I know that I said I wouldn't tag anyone but I think I wanna tag Phyllis Sweetwater(the epitome) after all, mostly out of curiosity and because I know she has some weirdness up her sleeve and this is the sort of thing that would suit her personal blog.


aisy said...

thanks for playing along elisabeth... i found that quite entertaining, in a good way! re: giving up citizenship... i have always been under the impression that in Canada you can have dual. my mom is british, and she has both, and i subsequently also have both (unless it is the danish gov't that will make you give it up)

elisabeth said...

yeah, the danish government. won't let me have both.

phyllis sweetwater said...

i accept your challenge, especially since i like talking about myself.