Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Book purist

I´m a book purist.
It´s silly but I dislike it immensly when I´m unpacking books at work and the distributor has packed brand name books like Warhammer or Dragonlance with my precius children books by "respectable" authors. Maybe that´s more snob than anything else.
Oh my, I´m a snob.
The lego thing Rus, that´s also snob.
Noooo, my friends and I can´t be snobs maybe it´s some form of a mental illness, that would be much better. At least we would be a respectable minority.


elisabeth said...

when you say brand-name books, is that like when a publisher just assigns some person in the company to make a book about numbers or colors or something simple that anyone can do?
and they don't even name the author, cause maybe there isn't really one?

Dagga said...

well there is an author given but it can be difficult to locate his name on the book. Factory manufactured books.

phyllis sweetwater said...

like factory manufactured bands. they dont write the songs, they cant even play the guitar, the lyrics are nothing personal,heck, parts of their bodies arent even real. being genuine and honest with ourselves and the world is never covered by the media to the point that we dont even know if it exsists anymore.

Mark said...

I never read them when I was younger, because I remember hearing that the author might not exactly be who was listed on the cover. It's kind of like listening to Ashlee Simpson.