Sunday, November 27, 2005

book of mormon

i hope nobody minds that my first post is about a religious book. i dont want this to be used as a missionary oppurtunity, i just want to tell you what i am reading now. The Book of Mormon is a true account, written and compiled by christian prophets in the americas and their dealings with their families, governments and other waring tribes. i find the wars and other physical strife very metaphorical to my own spiritual wars and strife. there are some people or warriors whose bravery and integrity motivate me to take courage and be stronger. anyways, alot of people don't believe that this book is historcally accurate and it's difficult to read it as a fictional novel. however, if you do believe it, it is very hard to read only once because of the vast ammount of symbolism and personal revelation you can find.


elisabeth said...

i sure don't mind. it is a book after all!

Dagga said...

I agree, thank you for sharing