Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kitty and the midnight hour

Hi, I just finished reading Kitty and the midnight hour, I liked it. It will never be confused with the great world literature but who cares. I like to call this sub-genre in fantasy/horror, vampire chick lit. they are always set in an alternate reality that is almost like ours but not quite. Kitty is a werewolf in the closet that hosts a late night radio show and starts to get phone calls from vampires and werewolves in need of advise. The plot is not terrible complicated but its enough to hold your interest through out the whole story and the characters could use a little bit more developing. But hey its fluff it´s not supposed to be complicated. I still like it, although for people starting out in this genre I would recommend Dead witch walking by Kim Harrison and Dead until dark by Charlaine Harris and the hilarious Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson.


elisabeth said...

that sounds like an amusing book. i like the idea of vampires and werewolves in need of advice from a radio show host.

Dagga said...

yes it makes them a bit more human