Sunday, November 27, 2005


Unlikely is another graphic novel(sometimes very graphic indeed), by Jeffrey Brown. It's the prequel to Clumsy. Like Clumsy, it is autobiographical, about a young relationship; a bit awkward, often pathetic. I felt a little uncomfortable and sorry for the guy. My husband read this right before I did and when he saw me reading it, shook his head and said "poor guy." But there was still something charming and cute about him. I think it was partly the honesty it was written with and also the style of his drawings. The expressions on their faces were very simple but the feelings they conveyed were quite strong. It left me wanting more again. The third and last book in the girlfriend series is called AEIOU. Jeffrey Brown has also done a parody of Clumsy called Be A Man, "full of typical male antics".

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Rus said...

I think I'm going to email Jeff Brown right now.