Sunday, November 13, 2005


I finished The Time Traveler's Wife. What an amazing story. The reviews I have read all seem to dwell on it as being a love story. But it's so much more than that. It's anything but Hollywood romance. It is actually a little bit sad, but I think that made it realistic. Obviously someone who travels through time and ends up naked in public places will have bad things happen to them. It was disturbing sometimes but not so much that I would cringe; pretty mild disturbances. I think my favorite parts were when the author described the wife, Clare, making her sculptures and other art. She described it as though the art was making itself. It was so graphic. I want to talk about it some more but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who has yet to read it. Audrey Niffenegger is also an artist. She does some pretty cool stuff. Her website:
She has a new book that was published this year, a "visual novel in eighty aquatints", The Three Incestuous Sisters. I am going to convince the head librarian here to order it.


Dagga said...

I really have to start reading it soon, its been on my list for so long, it sounds amazing, thank you for the link to the authours homepage. Do you think it will be difficult to convince the head librarian to buy a book with a title like that?

elisabeth said...

yeah i thought of that...but if it makes it on the best-seller list then it's possible. and there are at least 30 other libraries in the system that have already ordered it. so i'm hoping so, otherwise i can just borrow it from another library.