Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas stories

Hi, I´m not reading a lot these days but I thought I should tell you about this book the Angel doll. My mom was reading it and told me the story, I picked it up and read the ending for myself. It´s not overly sentimental but I got tears in my eyes anyway. I´m not going to tell you what it is about its short so I recommend you read it if you can find it. It´s a really sweet Christmas story and brings a real feeling of hope for mankind to my heart. I generally think mankind as a whole is pretty hopeless but some individuals can make me forget that.
This author usually writes true crime.
Please tell me about some good Christmas stories that you know about, I´m a Christmas idiot and like everything Christmas.


elisabeth said...

i'm kind of a scrooge when it comes to christmas (or so people like to tell me because i don't hang up millions of lights and buy millions of presents) and i don't read a lot of christmas stories, but i have always loved The Little Matchgirl. It doesn't give you hope for humanity however, but there is just something beautiful about it all the same. I'm sure you have read it a few times, so i don't actually have any new recommendations for you. i will try reading The Angel Doll though.

Rus said...

i read "a christmas carol" a few years ago, like everyone i've seen several movie adaptations (I was surprised to find that the muppet christmas carol is the closest to the book).
I recommend it (Dickens' version and Henson's).

Dagga said...

you guys, are you trying to depress me to death here I´ve read both and yes both are an example of fine writing, great writing world class writing even but hey a clinically depressed person should not read them in the winter months.
the muppets rule

elisabeth said...

hey dagga i just read "the angel doll". it was a really nice story, it would be a good one to read with your family every year.