Friday, December 30, 2005

Craig Thompson

I have two more graphic novels to recommend (it's a long drive from lethbridge to edmonton). Both are by Craig Thompson: Blankets and Carnet de Voyage. Blankets is about his first love, reminds me a little of Unlikely and Clumsy, only not as sad (see November 9 and 27 posts). Carnet de Voyage is a sort of travel journal of his time in France, Spain and Northern Africa.
You can view his art and see panels from his books on his site.


phyllis sweetwater said...

pyong yang was such a great veiw into north korea i was shocked and amazed, but not nesisarily surprised. i've totally been converted to the graphic novel; the best combination of art and the written word. Have you read any Kabuki?

elisabeth said...

no i haven't read any kabuki.
i will check it out...