Saturday, December 31, 2005


All those lists out there has made us want to compile my own. My husband and I have collaborated to bring you our own best/worst of lists for 2005. Tell us your best/ worst-of's.

Best Music:
Hurra Torpedo (specifically The Only Egil Band)
Regina Spektor

Best Books:
The Alchemist (not published this year but I finally read it this year and it deserves it)

Best Graphic Novels:
"Pyongyang" by Guy Delisle
"War's End" by Joe Sacco
"Carnet De Voyage" by Craig Thompson
"Jeffrey Brown's Girlfriend Trilogy": "AEIOU" was published this year and it hasn't come to a library near us yet, but we've read "Clumsy" and "Unlikely" so it makes the list on their merits.
"Embroderies" by Marjane Satrapi

Best TV:
My Name is Earl
Bright Eyes on Leno
Arrested Development

Best Other Stuff:
2 Legged Dogs

Worst Radio Show:

Worst Music:

Worst Other Stuff:
yellow (ribbons, bracelets)
more bottled water
more antibacterial soap
under-reported news stories
bigger monstrosities driving the roads


aisy said...

thank you for the soap bit. i wish they'd stop making anti-bacterial... don't people know it kills ALL bacteria both good and bad. i'm with other theorists that we are so clean that we are killing ourselves. (i watched this documentary on discovery and it convinced me)

elisabeth said...

it's ridiculous how easily people buy into it, isn't it?

Dagga said...

can´t make any lists can´t open a newspaper or turn on the tv without seeing somekind of lists over last year. Yours is by far the best list I´ve seen though.

jay said...

wash car and truck
write letters
bill clients
collect payments
wash floor
get drying rack
compare prices for efficient washer\dryers
stop at bank

Mark said...

who's Smoosh?

elisabeth said...

mark: click on the word smoosh in the post and it will link you to their site