Tuesday, December 06, 2005

harry potter six

so i read harry potter and the half blood prince, thinking that i was going to be captured with all of the suspence the other books brought me. I was disappointed. there was too much silly dating and crushes on girls etc. i think i personally am beyond that so it meant to interest 16 yr old girls (go figure).it wasnt scary enough (i heard jk had to rewrite the scary parts out) and the plot which is supposed to be a cliffhanger turns out to be a collapsed bridge. poor harry. if book seven doesnt seriously redeem him im afraid his reputation might be shot.


elisabeth said...

i haven't personally read any of the harry potter books. i thought all the hype would just make me disappointed. anyway, a few people that i have talked to have said the same things about this one; that it was a let-down, just not as good as the other ones.

phyllis sweetwater said...

i was afraid of the hype around harry potter for a while too, but once i started reading i realized the author was enticing especially for her great imagination and because she's a chick. i havent given up on her yet.

Dagga said...

I think JK Rowling is an exeptional writer, Hp&hbp is not her best work although I did enjoy it. It did not make me laugh and cry like both order of the phenix and prisoner of Azkaban whom I still think is the best HP book. I agree that HBP does not do alot for Harrys caracter or reputation but it makes his very human, he is and probably never will be the hero other people want him to be.
The extremly angsty feeling Draco radiated made me think that JK had been reading HP fanfiction which can´t be good for an author.